Use Flats when writing in E♭ (well duh!)

Reflow is now my go-to app for writing music. Giving thanks.

One strange thing however, is that when writing in a key signature with flats, Reflow defaults to showing chord symbols with sharps.

I could live with this if Reflow remembered my option to “Show Flats” …so that I don’t have to select it every single time.

For some, these might seem like small and petty improvements. However, at 3am in the morning, when inspiration strikes, having a smooth and efficient workflow can make all the difference in getting music notated …especially if you’re writing in D♭ which has five flats!

Giving thanks for this great app.

One love,
Tony UrbanSmash

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Nice spot! Indeed Reflow could remember this and defaults to flats if the key signature is written with flats.

I’ll add this to my backlog, thanks for pointing this out @UrbanSmash

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