Slashed for percussion rolls, diddles, etc

Is there a way to put a slash on percussion notation stem between 1 and 3 slashes that actually make the note function as a roll as the amount of slashes would indicate? 1 slash = an 8th note, 2 = 16ths, 3 = 32nd notes, rolls intervals on a particular note?

Hey hello @DavidDM and thanks for joining the forums!

I think you’re referring to stroke rolls / tremolo. (It has been requested there: Please add stroke rolls)

It’s on my roadmap :slight_smile:, I’ll post more info about this when I have something cool to show.


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That’s outstanding, I love this app!

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Thanks for the kind words @DavidDM :wink:

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Hey @DavidDM, Stroke rolls have been added to Reflow 17.0 :

Hope you’ll enjoy!

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