Repeat number hi hat foot

Hi, Question 1: I just was trying to find out how a whole piece of music could be repeated and how I can set the number of repeats. How do I do this? Question 2: I know the repeat sign of one measurement (two oblique stripes with two dots) but how can I set the number of repeats? Question 3: I use drum notation and how can I write a hi hat stroke (by hand) and a hi hat foot at the same moment? When I write the hi hat stroke by hand note and than write the hi hat stroke by foot than the stroke by hand disappears :man_shrugging:t2:, Thanks for your help :pray:t3:

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Would you mind creating 3 different posts for these 3 different questions ? This way the search engine won’t go crazy.


Hey Seb, Thanks for your great Reflow App. Yes, I totally understand. I you want than please remove that post and I post 3 different topics. Thanks and all the best

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To repeat a whole piece, you can use the repeat toggle in play mode, see below :

This is not possible to set a number of repeat for this kind of marker, but it is an interesting suggestion I may consider adding.

This was intentional, by design, as I don’t visualise what could mean to hit pedal while having a closed hi hat stroke. Do you have examples of drum scores that face this situation so I should reconsider this choice ?