Minor improvements

Thanks for releasing version 16.0 so fast!

  • As a developer I’m used to tab through everything. Is it possible to implement this for the file properties pane?

  • As I can remember there was an option to manually position items like the rehearsal sign. Actually this was sometimes a little bit buggy, is this feature coming back or do you have other plans with it?

  • When you create a tempo marker, and then want to clear it by leaving the value empty you get a black screen.

  • Under the titles there is a lot of spacing/padding. Is this for some reason or could this be less? It is almost the height of 1 bar.

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Hey thanks for your feedback, some of these points are already on my roadmap.

Considering the manual item placement this feature has vanished with new version because it is not the way I want reflow to be. At least for now. It will probably be back in a different way and different reflow version.

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Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for new updates coming out!
Some feedback using the 18.0:

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 22.24.46
I used the roll feature on the last note, I think the tremelo is a bit to high, can this be in the middle?

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 22.28.32
Is it possible to add a slur to the gracenotes?

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 22.32.52
On the right in the picture, outside the page there is “D.C. al Coda”
Now the feature is missing to manually position items it is hard to use for example a coda sign. What are your plans with this feature?

Hey thanks for your feedback !

Slurs in grace notes are planned but not sure about the best way to implement them right now.

I’ll have a quick look about the two other problems you mentioned.

Happy drumming and stay safe :+1:t2: