Eighth Note (Quaver) Beaming in 12/8 time

Reflow is a brilliant app and has replaced inferior notation apps on my iOS devices.

I’m writing a lot in 12/8 time as this gives me more versatility to play with the swing and shuffle time (than 4/4).

However, the beaming of quavers (eighth notes) in Reflow doesn’t fit naturally with the time signature. Reflow groups them into pairs (duplets) rather than the standard 12/8 triplet.

The whole point of writing in 12/8 is to avoid manually inserting triplets for each and every beat.

Is there something I’m missing? For example, is there a setting option to automatically have quavers grouped as triplets?

Tony UrbanSmash

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Hey thanks for joining the forums @UrbanSmash and thank you for the kind words!

In fact you can group notes by 3 in a compound meter (9/8, 12/8, …)

Simply change the Beaming Groups in the Bar settings :

And select 3, to group eighth notes by 3 :

The result is shown below :

Hope this helps!

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Brilliant Seb.

Many thanks,

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