Drum notation, separating notes

Recently, I’ve bought your app (ios) and I can’t figure out how to separate hi hat and drum bass like in here:

Any hints? Thanks!

Hey @kazah7 thanks for joining the forums and welcome!

You can use multi voice editing to achieve these results. There is some info on the user manual there : https://reflow.app/doc-ios/notation/#multivoice

Basically, just tap on this button in the keyboard :


Make sure to use first Voice for High Notes and voice 2 for Low Notes.

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I have a related question. The score I am starting has three voices. The first voice in the first measure begins with a half note. I want the first note of the second voice to begin on the “&” of the “1” of the first voice but I can’t see how to make this happen - it always ends up on the third beat of the measure. How do I fix this? Thanks for your work on this app - I am enjoying it.

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Hey @Yooper1thanks for joining the forums,

On the second voice, simply add eight notes and delete them to turn into rests, then your first note on second voice will start on the “&”.

Hope this helps :+1:t2: