Default 4 bars per system (drums)

This is always the first step I do when creating a new drum score.
Is it possible to set the bars per system to 4 by default?
I think this is pretty standard for drum scores I find on the internet.

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I’m pretty sure it could be useful for other instruments too. Not just the drums.

I’ll have to think about that, that could be the drum score templates that start with 4 bars, or any new document, or a preference in the app for new documents.

Most of the time breaking what users are used is not welcome very well, probably a preference in app then ? What do you think ?

Personally I like this to be 4 bars as default, but this is only a suggestion and maybe useful if a lot more people think it is a good idea.
I think a preference in the app would be a little confusing.

Another option is that you could save a score as a template which can be used in the new menu,
or just have more default templates to choose from.

+1 for this, most of the time I’m using 4 bars too. That would be great to make it 4 bars as default.

Hey, I’ve made it the default behaviour starting at Reflow 16.0 which is now available. Thanks for report guys.