Bug where cursor locks up (recently started)

Hi, I’ve been having an unfortunate issue recently and wanted to let you know and see if others may also be having it. I’ve run into the issues consistently on an iPhone 8 and an iPad of similar age on the newest iOS.

The issue is I can’t manually place the selector/cursor resulting in the cursor being stuck. It seems to occur after using it for a couple minutes and I can’t seem to change the cursor location if I do a short press or a long press. So far the only fix I’ve found is to close and reopen the file which resets it temporarily until it locks up again. Also, when this happens it it seems like the page view is also being affected as it kind snaps to an unideal/not aligned position.

Great app and hopefully this can be fixed soon. I’ve been using it almost daily for a couple years and it’s the best out there for iOS drum notation.


Hey hello Jacob @Drum and welcome to the Reflow forums!

This is strange, I can remember of this problem but it occurred in a very old version of Reflow. Which version are you using ?


Hi seb, thanks for the response. I originally was using v15 when I first noticed this issue (a couple months ago). Since then I have updated to 16.2 and the issue still occurs even when creating a new song from scratch. I’m not sure, but I think it happens more on ‘page view’ than ‘horizontal’. Any idea if there’s any settings or anything I could adjust to decrease the frequency of this issue?