Accents placement above notes

I like placing the accents above the hihat notes so they are all aligned. Is it possible to change this functionality?


Thanks for the making reflow, it is a great tool for drummers! I hope all the feedback contributes to the software.

Hey @ludwig86 thanks for joining the forums!

That’s a great suggestion, to be honest it has been requested so many times by drummers that I will probably start working on that quickly. The idea is to add an option in the score settings to opt for accents on top and aligned (not sure about the naming) just for the drum tracks.

Btw, are you using Reflow on a Mac or iOS ?

Thanks for your feedback, and happy drumming :drum:

Thanks this will be a nice improvement.
Also not sure about the naming. Could it be a new icon in the palette?
Or maybe have an alt. button in the palette too :wink:

I’m using Reflow on the mac only.

I have the same request, placing accents above just like the fingering (LRLR…) is a must have.

An option in the score settings could do the job.

Oh and I’m using Reflow on Mac too, never tried on an iPad (because I don’t have one).

I’ve added an option in score settings to automatically align accents for drums tracks. It will be available in the 16.0.


Hope you’ll enjoy this !

Thanks Sebastien, great improvement!!

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